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So I've been working on stuff in the background for a while now. Wapp is just the peak of the iceberg, so to speak. Stay tuned for more work from me. :) I'm always open for freelance as well

P.S. I'm on Dribbble so make sure to sign up and follow me, as I post a lot more frequently on there.
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So I realize I failed to mention I'd be gone for a few months prior to leaving, but here goes y explanation of absence. I joined the Army. I've been in training for 3 months now and just graduate Basic Training. We did shot guns, blew stuff up, got shot at while crawling under barbwire, and marched over 10 miles in one go with 30lbs of gear. It wasn't easy, but I knew I could do everything as long as I gave it 110%. I'm currently in my job training and won't be back until sometime in August depending on when my classes start. I'm only in the Reserves for now, so I'll continue designing as soon as I get back.

If you guys wan to check out my facebook I've got some photos from Basic and graduation. Feel free to add me too :) See ya guys soon!
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I'm back!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 3:14 PM
I got back yesterday, but due to some ridiculous confusion my dad never came to pick me up at the airport. Long story short, I waited for 3 hours in the airport and finally decided to spend $80 on a cab home. Kind of a crappy day, but the 5 preceding days were absolutely fantastic!

So I was mostly in San Diego and I visited a bunch of places. Beach towns, cove..towns with seals that slap each other, downtowns, mexican towns, all sorts of towns.

We visited San Diego, LA/Hollywood, and Santa Monica. Went to SD zoo, Hollywood strip, Santa Monica downtown & pier. It was really great and I can't wait to check out Cali again in the future. Next time I'm going to San Francisco.

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Status Update

Journal Entry: Mon May 24, 2010, 5:16 PM
I've been working damn hard these past few weeks, and it's all been leading up to going to California. So I announced earlier that I'm officially going to California, but I won't be going to San Francisco, sadly. We decided it'd be too much, considering the little amount of time that my cousin has to hang out with me and my mom.

So I've been working everyday this past few weeks between 2 clients and personal work. Not surprisingly I've spent quite a bit of it already. :lol: I can't help it! I got some new clothes, and a DSLR.

I've wanted to get into photography for some time, and while I don't suspect that my photos from California will be particularly artistic, I still thought this would be a great time to invest in a DSLR.

I'm pretty pumped right now because Tuesday is my last day here, since I leave at about 6am on Wednesday. Right now I'm just trying to get the most client work done before I leave, which is what I've been doing this whole past week. One of my 2 clients has specifically mentioned that he requires complete non-disclosure with the design, so unfortunately you guys won't see anything about it.. At least for a while. Sorry!

So are you guys going on vacation, or doing anything interesting?

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Getting Out of Hand

Journal Entry: Wed May 12, 2010, 9:40 PM
This kind of shit makes me want to leave dA for good. I'm pretty god damn fed up, and this just tipped the glass. So I browse the D&I section and check out what's new in the Web Interface section and whadya know.. There's yet another random (and shitty) animated GIF of a gopher.

So what do I do? I play nice and tell this person that she placed her GIF in the wrong category in hopes that she'd remove it. I check back later to see that she has responded with... "i really dont care where it goes i was just looking for a file it would go on".

Not only that, but I check the deviation and it now has 60 favs, and also got a great comment from a DeviantART staff member saying "lol its fantastic!".

This is just sad.. I'm really not the radical type, honestly, but anybody with a brain can see that dA is getting out of hand. Not only does someone post a shitty GIF in the wrong category, but she gets praised for it by staff members. What happened to the days where up and coming artists & designers could get noticed? I'll take my brother for example.. A very hard working artist who's trying to make a name for himself on dA and he hasn't yet gotten that kind of recognition for something that he actually put good effort into and was actually art.

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Cali here I come! (Official)

Journal Entry: Mon May 10, 2010, 4:10 PM
So... I'm going to California :dance:

I've taken on a few clients and finally have some good prospect on the horizon, which is pretty damn relieving. So I'm going to San Diego to see my mom & cousin between 26th-31th (not official yet). I'll also be stopping by Los Angeles and San Francisco for a day. It's definitely going to be a blast, so I'll take plenty of pictures! :)

It's official guys, I'm going to Cali! I'll be there from the 26th-31st

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Kill Cute Stuff? YAE!

Journal Entry: Wed May 5, 2010, 12:39 AM
Why is it that kittens and cute shit always trump the truly great stuff here on DeviantART? I say we join the Communist Soviet Union and launch a nuclear preemptive attack on all cute things in order to gain back DeviantART and it's holiness before it's too late. Those who are in favor say 'YAE' those who oppose say 'NAE'.. Primarily so I can figure out who the cute kitten lovers are, and I will add you to the attack list.


P.S. I joined the Hanna Montana group. BOOYAH SUCKAS! :iconhannahmileyfanclub:

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Flowhub finally submitted

Journal Entry: Mon May 3, 2010, 12:57 AM
I've just uploaded Flowhub theme as a deviation, so go check it out! We've been waiting to submit until we got approved at ThemeForest, so that we could link to it.

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Selling WPmonk

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 25, 2010, 7:26 AM
So we're selling, as our new site will be entirely different with a new name. This will give us some much needed cash (hopefully) to make development faster for our project.

On the other side of things.. Development for my portfolio/journal is coming along nicely, so it should be live by sometime this week. Don't worry, I'll let you guys know when it goes live! :)

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 22, 2010, 7:43 PM
I'm hiring a wife. She must be male, and also be of French-Nigerian descent. Thanks for the applications in advance!

P.S. I'm starving right now. Could any applicants please get me a bucket of fried chicken? :dummy:

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Prepare yourself...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 22, 2010, 5:39 PM
For a super f'in epic journal post. Be here tonight, or be square! It will be SOOOO epic.

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Monkify on DeviantART

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 19, 2010, 5:02 AM
The Monkify group just recently got approved. Haven't done much with it quite yet, but I'm waiting to get some money to upgrade it to a Super Group, and add more from there.

This is pretty much the easiest way to follow the progress and news side of the site. I'll be posting previews of themes, news, and eventually submit themes to the club. In a way, this group will act as a feed once the website is up, and pretty much aggregate our stuff onto here for you guys to check out.

Also, don't forget to follow our new Twitter as well. Tweet Tweet!

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Flowhub Nearly Done!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 18, 2010, 12:20 PM
I'm very excited to say that Flowhub is about 99.999% done. Right now Ayrton is working out the kinks in the theme along with the Monkify Panel, but it's essentially done. Want to see it live? - View Flowhub Demo

We're hoping to get approved pretty quickly at ThemeForest, which will be where we sell the theme while we develop and complete Monkify. So you should be able to purchase it from ThemeForest by around Monday-Wednesday.

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Dribbble Invite?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 16, 2010, 9:14 AM
Hey guys, I'm wondering if anybody has a Dribbble invite. For those of you who don't know, it's a new little website where web designers can upload tidbits of their works in progress. I find it rather interesting, and I'd like to participate in this remarkable phenomenon.

Invite please? (:

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New Design! (Live Demo)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 14, 2010, 5:38 AM
Great news guys, you may see some work from me before May 30th!.. In fact, you can check out one of my themes as of right now, and it's a live demo as well.

I won't be releasing it as a deviation until it's 100% finalized, and it's online at ThemeForest. Why not on WPmonk? Because that won't be up for another month (or so), and we'd prefer to make profit off of the theme in the meantime.


Feedback is much appreciated.. P.S. The color scheme may look funny as we've been playing with the color options we implemented within our custom control panel.

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New deviations.. in a month

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 7, 2010, 8:22 PM
Due to release dates and marketing, I probably won't be uploading any deviations for about a month. My work right now primarily consist of re-branding WPmonk, and themes for the site. I don't intend on uploading any of my work from that until it's online, so people can actually check it out when they see the deviation. I'm only doing this because it's better for marketing. I wish I could submit some of my work right now, but it just wouldn't make sense. Hopefully you guys understand.

On the news side of things.. Completed the homepage for the new WPmonk, we're currently integrating the Flowhub theme into WordPress, and I'm also developing a theme specifically for iPhone/web apps.

We gave ourselves a deadline of May 30th to have the site fully online and functioning. So if all goes well, you'll see a fair amount of work from me from May 30th and so on.

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Selling White PSPGo for $210

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 5, 2010, 6:55 PM
Well I'm in need of some money, as I was just billed $180 for my hosting, and I also recently found out that Kingdom Hearts: Birthy By Sleep won't be coming out for the PSPGo.

Bid here: BID NOWWW!!1!1!

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Back from the dead!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 25, 2010, 4:02 PM
This winter I literally just sat and played SOCOM all day long and throughout the night. But now I'm back, and working on some new material! I'm working on totally re-branding WPmonk, and even changing the name. We're taking a new path this time around, so it'll be interesting.

I'm also heavily considering joining the Army to become a Ranger, and I'll be taking my ASVAB this summer. We'll see how that goes.

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Need More Anti Theft Supporters!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2009, 4:19 PM
As mentioned in my previous journal, I'm starting a group & collaboration with another group, in order to help with DeviantART theft prevention. But.. We still need another 6 months worth of subscription donations in order to move over to a Super Group - which will be when we officially start.

I could pay for a club subscription, but I'd like it to be a shared payment between all of us, as this will be a community effort in general. So if you support this idea, please send a subscription over to :icondatdb:

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Support Anti Art Theft

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 15, 2009, 2:08 AM
So after my work has been thieved a lot in the past weeks, I decided to start a group specifically for networking to prevent art theft, and to add thieves to a database.

But I need your help. First and foremost, please send me a note to anyone who has been ripped. The original work must already be submitted on DeviantART. This can be any type of art, and is not restricted to design only. Send me the original deviation link, and then the link to the copied version. The copied version may be on DeviantART, or any other website.

The idea is that we will create a database of images that show the original work, and the copied work and give credit to the original work. As well as creating a list of thieves found on DeviantART, and coming together as one to 'attack' these thieves. However, the image of this group should be clean, so all 'attacks' on these thieves should be polite and simply state that it's a rip-off, copy, theft, etc. and that it should be removed. By massively 'attacking' these thieves, we can tarnish any belief that they'd have of re-selling the work, or making anyone believe that it's their own.

In addition, I decided to make the group as a regular user account as a club first, as DeviantART is giving Super Group accounts to clubs that convert before March, 2010. So please donate a subscription to :icondatdb:. Once it reaches a 12 month subscription, I'll convert it to a Super Group, which will allow for the group to flourish.

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